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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Green Smoothie

Another New Years goal for 2010 is to start many of my days off right, with fruit and raw foods for breakfast. Not to say that on days when I have the time some tofu scramble and breakfast potatoes are not allowed, but most mornings when I'm in a rush I tend to do the unthinkable and SKIP BREAKFAST!!! Any person that has been around with even minimum nutrition knowledge can tell you that's a big no-no! So, fruit and whole foods for breakfast , no more skipping out!

As for my toddler, smoothies and soups are a parents best friend when it comes to getting in those fruits and veggies. The smoothies little K eats are loaded with frozen blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and best of all usually at least 1 cup of raw kale. That's right KALE! If I put a cup of raw kale on her tray she would laugh in my face, before throwing it on the ground with a high pitched, "I don't like that leaves." She does however ask for mainly two kinds of foods, smoothies and soup, both which are loaded with more organic, healthful foods than the typical adult, (myself included,) consumes.

Smoothies are very forgiving and it would take quite a bit hard work to make one that didn't turn out good. This particular smoothie is a blend of frozen bananas, mangoes,blueberries, strawberries, coconut-milk yogurt, (So Delicious brand,) and ricemilk. With shelled hempseeds on the side for K to sprinkle in it, (her favorite part!) These ingredients just happen to be what we have today, some days its just frozen bananas, blueberries, and kale with some rice milk. For kiddos that may not be as into the greenish-brown color of this smoothie, go ahead and add more blueberries, their color masks the green kale.

Organic bananas are $0.29/ lb at Trader Joes, pick up a few bunches each time you run, freeze them cut in baggies so you will always have some for a quick smoothie fix(if you don't have a TJ's I'm sorry for you, Super Target is inexpensive as well, shop around and look for sale where you can stock up and freeze them.)

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