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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bulk it up Baby!!!!!!!

$64.75....No cause for alarm, the pictured substances are not illicit,but they are a steal :) The bulk bins at your local co-op and in some cases grocery store hold the best deals you will ever find. We buy everything we possibly can in bulk and save tons of money doing so! All of the pictured items, ranging from nuts, pasta, dried beans, olive oil, spices, agave, flour, sugar, cornmeal, rice....etc... came to a total price of $64.75....Those foods are enough to feed us and our closest 50 friends for a good 3 weeks, with a couple exceptions they are all organic as well. For example, a can of pre-cooked lentils holds about 2 servings, and costs between $1.50-2.00, $2.00 worth of dried/bulk lentils would be equal to 7-10 servings of lentils!!!! Plus, cooking your own lentils from scratch tastes infinitely better than canned. Buying in bulk not only saves YOU tons of green, it makes you green as well! It decreases the need for all the excess packaging many foods come in. Bulk foods like dried beans and flour push you to cook more things from scratch and rely less on convenience foods. So lessons learned, save money, save the environment and be healthy all by buying in bulk. These are all good reasons to buy bulk foods, but the best reason is you get to feel like the world's biggest hippie when you do so! Put on a little Patchouli oil, put on your patchwork, and hula hoop into your nearest co-op like the flower-child you are! Then check back here as I challenge myself and you to making as many eco-healthy and inexpensive meals as we can!

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